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They need funds to live with several conditions, can't work and the government refuses to help. disability supports for queer artist


we open for sound commissions!
6$/min => looping ambient background music/noise
15$/min => theme music, more flexible scope
10$/each => one-shot sound fx for games or whatever
contact via bandcamp and I'll send u an email for further discussion! prices negotiable, I will do something cheaper if u want a lot of music/sound fx for the same project!

randomized Stream at Drohen

A friend from overseas is working on a noise-focussed audio live streaming and jamming platform. It's pretty fun. Check out this stream we made together


no shows planned right now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Djab Wurrung Protectors Fund ( Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service Emergency Support Fund for Australian Sex Workers
aagsxdw cover art

aags x dw

may 2021
cat ears and razor blades 05:28
cancelled since B4 i was born 03:44

with Dorothy Waste (Bandcamp) (

scummunity cover art


december 2020
room of pyps 09:19
quinn (music vid YouTube) 03:48
unpowerful 07:57
take my screams give them out for free 05:23
mygov 06:32
pin thru my eye 06:13
one being momo 05:43
listen 2 yr mother 04:47

CD-Rs still available on Bandcamp, or contact me directly to organise shipping without the middle-man.

444 cover art


november 2019
20190826144925 01:02
rich people fighting in a pit with forks and knives 00:59
300m 13:22
4^232 29:49
16=10000 cover art


july 2019
10010plus 03:06
101010 01:34
10101 07:58
11mb0 03:43
16 12:33
spinning world 12:25
11111100011 cover art


april 2019
14 19:53
00 01:36
1403301246 13:42
10010114 cover art


march 2019
4B626c696d6261 pregabalin 12:41
53686974 04:10
socanx 07:57
10010114 17:16
Live Without Time cover art

Live Without Time

november 2021
bf0r tym 25:54
aftr tym 19:26
Medusa/Skinmilio cover art


february 2018
skin milo 06:27
medusa 15:34
medusa (radio edit) 03:28